Cloud Service


Cloud Resolution
Based on the globally distributed cloud node and Anycast technology architecture, it provides intelligent domain name resolution services accurate to the prefecture level. Rich application-layer detection capabilities provide global server load balance (GSLB) for business, realize refined traffic scheduling and rapid disaster recovery switching, ensure service system continuity, and provide enterprises with intelligent, safe, stable, and reliable cloud resolution services of cloud high defense, multi-cloud resolution, and cloud-edge collaboration.
Cloud Management
Cloud management focuses on the closed loop of domain name service governance from intelligent resolution service to resolution state perception to intelligent decision processing. Probe nodes around the world proactively perceive the domain name resolution status of different operators in different regions, continuously monitor the quality of domain name resolution, and provide data flow direction, effective detection, hijacking detection and other capabilities. At the same time, based on big data of resolution, a portrait of the domain name space and the resolution chain is formed to build a one-stop domain name management platform.
Cloud Security-Safeguard Security Threat Management and Control System
Safeguard is a security threat management and control system that detects and blocks threats before IP connections are established based on the importance of network service access portal; through DNS protocol in-depth protection and intelligence detection technology, it protects the normal communication of compliance business and blocks network attacks; it provides DNS service + data dual-dimensional security protection, strengthens the entire DNS link and the first layer of network security protection, defends the first line of defense for the government and enterprise, and builds a comprehensive active security system.