The DNS domain name system is the core entrance for application services. ZDNS provides financial customers with reliable, flexible, safe and intelligent services in the face of the development demands of rapid innovation, diversification and individuation of financial applications.  

We have served more than 200 financial customers
National joint-stock banks accounted for more than 75%
China’s top 100 banks in 2021 accounted for more than 60%
What are the features of the ZDNS solution?
ZDNS can help customers achieve
One-stop domain name service: Relying on the domain name asset life cycle management platform, it provides expiration reminder, automatic renewal, visual management and other services to realize the integrated hosting of Internet domain name assets, avoid domain name management security risks, reduce management costs, and protect brand value.
Digital upgrade: ZDNS can tailor top-level design of domain name system, assist in formulating standardized transformation process, unify the operation mode in domain name life cycle management process, accelerate the transformation process of domain name application, effectively avoid transformation risk, and build a flexible, resilient and extensible multi-data center domain name architecture.
Domain name threat management and control: It provides multi-dimensional resolution status monitoring services for financial customers, realizes from abnormal Internet resolution perception to Intranet malicious domain name interception, and upgrades the security management and operation mode from passive response to active protection, making up for the shortcomings of DNS security protection and improving network security protection capability.
Flexible and intelligent: It fully sorts out the requirements for multiple resolution scenarios on the Internet, Intranet, and on and off the cloud to ensure that each resolution is optimized and improve user’s service access experience. Multi-dimensional application health status assessment enables accurate detection of service exceptions, fast service switchover, and supports multi-tenant DNS isolation, and personalized policy control.