DNS Smart Series


It provides more record type support, rich smart resolution and service health check scheduling functions, meeting the resolution scheduling and horizontal service system scheduling capabilities of multiple active and disaster recovery data centers.

The system can provide the API interface to the third party operation and management platform, give real-time and historical report analysis on the resolution service data through the SNMPL, mail and syslog, etc., display the resolution service running status, and provide data basis for event tracing and network optimization for administrators.

It supports next-generation Internet technologies such as IPv6 and DNSSEC, easy to upgrade and extend, and improves DNS security service level.
DHCP/IPAM Automatic Management


It integrates each link of IP management such as high-performance DHCP, address allocation and access, recording change, IP recognition, conflict detection, the audit report and other IP management into a system for centralized management, avoiding safe hidden trouble in advance and multiple misoperation, IP history traceback, more efficient daily operations, and really achieves the the IP operation and mainenance management automation for the first time.