Featured Cases



ZDNS facilitates Huawei’s global 5G construction by providing the DNS system for core network NE and integrating the distributed DNS software platform with Huawei CloudMSE solution to meet the ecological requirements of core network NE virtualization evolution, and provide x86/ dual-stack solution capabilities.

China Mobile Zhejiang

ZDNS provides intelligent DNS devices to implement multi-center resolution and scheduling for customers, improving bandwidth utilization and service fluency.  

National (Hangzhou) Novel  Internet  Exchange

ZDNS provides an intelligent DNS service system for IXP to support multi-center resolution and scheduling, shortening the disaster recovery switchover time, minimizing service impact, and providing basic support for the system architecture of active-active or multi-active data centers, and improving service continuity from the IT infrastructure level.

Jilin University

ZDNS provides multi-link (Unicom, Tietong and Education) intelligent push and pop stack resolution and scheduling for Jilin University teachers and students to improve access quality, bandwidth utilization and information access experience.

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)

ZDNS has constructed A/B dual-plane DNS service system with high performance and reliability for ICBC. Based on intelligent traffic scheduling, it realizes rapid business redundancy between three centers in two places, and connects with its own operation and maintenance platform in a unified management mode to realize intelligent and simplified operation and maintenance.

Minsheng Bank (CMBC)

ZDNS provides comprehensive DNS resolution services for the production network, office network, test network and VPDN of the three centers in two places (Mapo Beijing, Beijing 798 and Zhengzhou) of the Head office of CMBC.

China National Petroleum

ZDNS provides services, security and management upgrades for CNPC’s global resolution business, and realizes security, efficiency and intelligence of many domestic cities and several overseas nodes.

DNSSEC Practice Statement of .icbc