As the world enters 5G Internet era, the network characteristics of high speed, large capacity, low latency and ubiquitous network have redefined the traditional industry, and the development of 5G makes the Internet of everything possible. Thanks to smart network, smart city, smart transportation, and smart manufacturing and so on, significant changes have taken place in all industries. The promotion of 5G technology opens the seventh information technology revolution of mankind and also becomes an important engine to promote social and economic development at the same time.

DNS plays a key role in addressing navigation in cyberspace, and is also a “Key Component” supporting the construction of 5G core network. In the large-scale construction of global 5G core network, DNS is a “Core Bridge” that “supports” upper applications and “Connects” key business systems.
What are the features of the ZDNS solution?

Multi-aspect Capacity

Based on the ZDNS core domain service solution, the network and the network element service state can be sensed comprehensively, and the network element interaction request can be scheduled in a precise and smart way to ensure that each analysis is the optimal result, to reach high efficiency and high quality connection, and to optimize the core network service quality.
Stable Operation
Multiple redundant networking modes, service architecture of management and business decoupling, and industrial-level data synchronization mechanism ensure the DNS service sustainable online and provide finance-level available domain name service solutions for core network construction.
Efficient Deployment
Deeply streamlined and optimized deployment, fully adapted to the 5G core network cloud primitive environment, mirror deployment, one-click delivery, quick online and immediate effect, participate in the core network construction in a software-based, modular, service-oriented way to make the 5G networking construction more efficient.
Smart and Simple Operation
The unified management platform, compatible and open technology, deeply integrated into the unified operation and management platform of the core network, and the automatic, intelligent and visual operation and maintenance management mode adopted realize the knowable, visible and manageable domain name services, to help the smart and simple operation and maintenance of the 5G core network.

Network Quality Optimization

ZDNS will comprehensively improve the quality of 5G network services through smart decision-making and precise connection.

Efficient Networking Construction

The agile deployment and fast on-line shorten the construction cycle and reduce user costs.

ZDNS can help customers achieve

Reliable Service Ability

The stable and reliable, secure and controllable service helps users build a robust 5G core network.

Intelligent O&M Management

Unified platform and automatic visualization can reduce O&M investment and facilitate intelligent and simplified O&M.  

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