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MIIT Licensed New gTLDs We Support:

.网址 (“.url” in Chinese)
A significant and easy to remember “.网址” (“web address” in English) IDN domain is an eye-catching brand advertisement for any business operating in today’s

Chinese speaking Internet environment. 
 Sunrise: 3rd June, 2014-3rd July,2014
 General Registration : 5th August, 2014

.WANG (“.net” in Chinese Pinyin)
 “WANG”, pinyin for “网 (means network)”and “王(means king, also a surname)” in Chinese. It’s currently in the Global Top 5 New gTLDs in terms of registrations.
 Sunrise: 21st April, 2014-21st May, 2014
 General Registration : 26th May, 2014

.REN (“.people” in Chinese Pinyin)
 “ren” , pinyin for “人(means people)” in Chinese. It stands for a kind of humanistic culture or spirit, it is also oriented to certain groups of people, such as young,
students, rich and so on. Ren has recently launched.
 Sunrise: 1st July, 2014-31st August, 2014
 General Registration : 15th October, 2014

MIIT Approval Obtained: 2014-12

Compliant with CHINA'S REGULATION &
Provide FULL SUPPORTS & KEY SOLUTIONS to registries with:


TLD Servers (including five critical functions) locates in China
The ability to conduct SLD Real-name Verification - Sound Internet & Information Security Management System
Arranging Domestic Data Escrow Agent

Providing One-Stop Registry Service for MIIT Authorized New gTLDs

No.1 (Chinese) IDN New gTLD in terms of
SLD registrations Global Top 2 New gTLD




Global Top 5 New gTLD

First delegated & launched Brand TLDs worldwide
First launched Corporate Website using Brand TLD 
Domain in the world


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