Internet has become a revolutionary force to boost the development of information society. Domain name system and relevant technical standards become the most important part of internet fundamental infrastructure, acting just like the central nervous system of internet. In April 2011, with the purpose to enhance 
the fundamental self-innovation ability of domain name industry, Beijing Development and Reform Commission list Internet Domain Name System Engineering 
Research Center in the first batch of Beijing engineering research centers. ZDNS has therefore become the first Internet domain name system engineering 
research center in China.

The Leading Expert of Integrated Domain Name Service Provider in China


Qian Hualin, Chief scientist of
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Network Information Center,
Researcher of Chinese Academy of Sciences, doctoral supervisor, deputy director of China's Next
Generation Internet

Mao Wei was the Deputy Director of Network Engineering Lab of
CNIC and team leader of NIC and took part in constructing the first Chinese network that connects
with Internet—-CSTNet. He is
now the Director of ZDNS.

Dr. Bill Manning is senior research scientist at University of Southern University ISI, who used to be
chairman of IETF pier workshop.
He participated in the development of the original ccTLDs.

Xing Zhijie was a senior engineer who developed the VPN network encoder and the network-isolated equipment. He is now the Deputy Director of ZDNS.

Lu Wenzhe was responsible for
the operation, special protection and emergency processing of
.CN and won the third prize
from CNIC Beijing Branch for
Internet Keyword and Wireless Keyword Technology Service. 

Dr. Wang Wei is now the Chief
Engineer of ZDNS, Chair of
Chinese Generation Panel for Root Generation Rule in ICANN,
member of RSSAC Caucus,
co-secretary of Chinese Domain
Name Consortium (CNDC).



TEL: +86-10-58813116